Stone of Balance, Emotion and Relaxation. It showcases is such a thing of beauty and host a deep meaning.

Moonstone is a powerful gem that can nourish, give passion, and awaken your feminine energies. It can heal and guide you to your inner path.

We brought it specially for you from Switzerland’s Adula Mountains to bring more balance to your Mind, Body, and Soul.

  • Balancing your emotions and offers unity and peace with people around.
  • Bring true love in life of wearer and heals romantic love relationships.
  • Enhances self-esteem, creativity, and make positive decisions.
  • Improves your intuition, lets you get past the melancholy and grievance.
  • Helps to even your sleep cycle and aids in peaceful and sound sleep.
  • Cures health issues like insomnia, and stomach diseases.