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Enamour J

Stargazing Earring- Libra

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- 925 silver earrings with a delicate design of your zodiac sign & zultanite stone.

- With zultanite stone, be entranced by its natural beauty, brilliance, and phenomenal color-changing properties in daylight, indoor light, even candlelight!

- Available in gold (gold plated) & silver (rhodium plated) colors.

Care Instructions


Your jewelry needs your special care and knowledge to maintain its color and ensure your piece can last as long as possible in best condition. Rubbing it with soft, dry cotton cloth back to bring the glanz. Prevent it against friction with other pieces of jewelry. Keep it away from water, perfumes, and comsmetics. Avoid exposing your jewelry to harsh chemicals.

Zultanite Stone

The stone needs your good and special care. Soak your piece for some time in a solution of warm water with Ammonia free liquid soap, then use a soft brush to gently scrub your stone. Dry it with a soft cotton cloth.